Accessibility and Blogging

Hi everyone!


I wanted to start this post with some well known and not so well known ideas to make any blog post accessible for everyone, including those with vision impairments.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of best practices:


  1. Avoid Low Contrast Colors

As an artist, I tend to think in terms of design elements first. As cool as that may be, that does not work for accessibility.

To ensure clarity, stick with classics like a white background and black text, or a dark blue and white text. This will also give your material a professional, polished look.

      2. Use Clear Text Fonts

For accessibility sake, now is not the time to use fancy swirly George Washington – Downtown Abbey fonts! It may look sweet scribbled on an old document, but clear fonts such as Arial never fail.

     3.Use “Alt Text’ Underneath Images

Alt Text basically in a nutshell provides a brief image description underneath an image, to give clarity and enables a screen reader to decipher images for those who are vision impaired.


For more information, please check out an amazing blog by Glenda at



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