2016 Candidates on Disability Issues

vote-1190029_1280 As the 2016 election process is still underway, the 54 million Americans living with disabilities need clear facts when going to the polls.

My blog strives to remain non partisan, and will help to navigate the core facts to inform and educate. Below are links to recent data on candidate stances on disability issues. It is important we remain informed as we hit the polls!

What has not been discussed in depth as much (and beautifully written on the blog”this Ain’t Livin“) is that it is exceedingly hard to satisfy and recognize the entire disability movement under one viewpoint or stance. As every person define their disability and their experience with it, it may not represent accurately what everyone wants.

What is 100% clear, is that some presidential candidates do not support disability rights whatsoever. Below, you will read  on “The Respectability Report” that many candidates did not complete or even answer the disability survey that was given. Time and time again, disability has been an undeserved  population. Through our votes, we can change that

For further stats and ways to get involved, please check out AAPD (American Association for People with Disabilities) and their Rev Up! voting campaign.

Stay informed and active my friends! ~ Michael


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